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BeAPhotopro was created to provide an avenue of mentoring, education, networking and a level of certification to budding, amateur and professional photographers that they can in turn showcase to their clients and grow their own businesses or expand their knowledge of photography.
Who is BeAPhotoPro for?:
  • Amateur and professional or semi-pro photographers that would like to raise their knowledge and craft to higher levels via classes, blogs, podcasts.
  • Photographers of all experience levels that would like to show proof to their clients that they are reputable photographers by being affiliated with our organization.
  • Photographers that would like to get networked with other photographers locally and nationally, local vendors and national organizations and receive discounts and freebies on products and services.
What we provide:
  • A database of photography questions (FAQ) from basic to advanced and links to photography learning, tips and tricks.
  • Interactive website including podcasts, articles, forum and chat.
  • Monthly email newsletter with industry news, deals, tips and tricks
  • Consultation services and advice on real world and business issues that are photography related via blog or email (deeply discounted or free for BeAPhotopro members)
  • The ability for the client to order a full range of high quality albums, business kits, (letter head, business cards, etc.) and other products at a discount through us when becoming a member.
  • Deeply discounted photography classes for BeAPhotopro members
  • Workshops, contests, outings and photo walks.
  • BeAPhotopro website badge, member number, member sticker for members
  • BeAPhotopro member only web galleries and art shows with opportunities to sell your work.
  • Online referral database to showcase our BeAPhotopro members to a wide client base locally, nationally and internationally!

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