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What Do I Shoot In The Wedding Off Season?

Everyone photographer goes through a lull or off season especially in the wedding photography business. Typically spring and summer are the peak times for wedding photographers and fall starts the slow down into "dead" winter (as I like to call it). During these times photographers get the equivalent of writers block and the creativity just doesn't seem to be there. Try some of these ideas during your down time...

So, what do you shoot during off season?
  • Fun, Themed Portfolio Stuff - pick a theme and shoot as many pictures as you can using that theme. Even though this won't directly make you any money, it will boost your portfolio and keep the creativity churning. Some examples of cool themes are: pick a color, something dirty, shiny things, old people, people that work in restaurants, people that work in gas stations, flowers, etc.
  • Shoot business head shots - shoot head shots for business people that need profile pictures for their new found social media sites.
  • Shoot kid portraits - get the word passed around your local church or new mothers at work that you'll give them a discount on a kid session at the local botanical gardens.
Hopefully these ideas will give you a boost this fall. Don't let the seasons get you down! Keep the creativity up!

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