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Please Take A Brochure

Another piece of the marketing puzzle for your wedding photography business should be a professional looking brochure. A brochure will help those clients that maybe don't have access to your online portfolio or older clients (MOBs and FOBs) who may see a brochure as an indication that you are an established photographer with a marketing plan behind you.

Basically a brochure is a glorified business card, but it can be so much more:
  • a mini portfolio
  • mission statement / who you are
  • services you provide
  • the who, why, how of your services
  • a call to action
  • provide helpful hints
A call to action is one of the most important things to include in your brochure. A call to action is a statement that nudges your potential clients to become actual clients. For example:

Call or email me today to meet with me and see my portfolio!

Take a few minutes to complete and send in this questionnaire about your preferences and we'll send you a coupon for 20% off!

Send $5.00 to start your trial of my new marketing plan! Cancel anytime!

Offering incentives (like the second CTA) can often prompt "fence sitters" by creating something of value they can get for free.

Your brochure doesn't have to be just a standard tri-fold layout. It can be any shape or size. Be creative! The more creative you are, the more your brochure will stand out!

I create my own brochures but there are many online retailers and local print shops that will make them for you very cheaply.

Steps to making your own brochure:
  1. read up and be familiar with basic graphic design for brochures
  2. use a good graphic design program like Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator.
  3. use a template to make sure your measurements are correct as to where to the folds go
  4. include your business' name on the front flap and whenever possible on the inside
  5. include a "mission statement" or a description of your services to your potential clients
  6. don't get too cluttered or busy (see #1)
  7. remember you have to design the inside and outside. They are both opposite each other.
  8. take to Kinkos or other photocopy store and get them to do one double-sided test print to make sure both sides will match up.
  9. when everything is perfect print out a good 50-100 so you won't have to go through all this hassle again later
  10. crop and chop if needed, then carefully fold at your fold lines
  11. hand them out and watch people get impressed!
So, please... make a brochure!

(graphic by Seattle Municipal Archives from Flickr)


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